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For The Love Of Beans


Garbanzo beans

  I get excited about simple cooking, and how one ingredient can be so tasty, versatile, easy,  and nutritionally packed! I wanted to share my love of garbanzo beans, or chickpeas as they are also called. Last week-end they were my savory exploration.  In November my sweet creation. The other cool thing I discovered is they can be made in a slow cooker , this makes them even better! (If you are concerned about digestibility, do add vinegar at the end of cooking, soaking  the beans also helps.) I appreciate simplicity and ease in the kitchen!
If you are like me and would like a few simple yummy savory eats read on, plus join my newsletter and have this in your box. Read more...


Are you Conscious~Eating?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Are you conscious eating? What does it mean? Why should you care? What can it do for you? So often I hear I wolfed my food down, I ate standing up, in the car, picked something up on the fly, ate on the run... Fill in the blank. What does that do to you, your digestive system, your relationship with food. Yes, it's a relationship! You have a relationship with food! How is yours? Too busy to spend too much time with it? Take it for granted? Get to it when you can? Pretend it doesn't really matter? Wish it were different? Hmm??? These do sound like phrases you might assign to an intimate relationship, that probably wouldn't be working to well for yourself, no what I mean?

Remember as a kid when an adult bent down to really look at you and ask you how you were doing? What you were thinking? What you wanted to be when you grew up? Plain out paid attention to you? Now turn that around and see how your relationship with food would change if you really looked at it and asked how is it going? What does it need from you? Do you need to get more invested in it? Is this resonating, get regular notices to your mailbox. More present, curious, engaged?



Patience is a virtue... or is it?

???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Saturday I gave a talk to a group of women on eating healthy and exploring diets, how they are a set up for us to fail, how we are surrounded by food and lifestyles that undermine our health. One of the women attending asked how do we gain the patience... when diets offer a quick fix? The question has stayed with me, it brings up the real reason we turn to "diets". They offer us a quick fix, a temporary solution, or a belief in a solution,  without really addressing the real issues.

As I thought about patience I thought of the  phrase "patience is a virtue" but do we believe it? We want instant food, instant relief and take a pill, instant connections, instant access to information, we have come to expect things "should happen quick".  We are not a process oriented society. As a person who has gone rounds with patience,  being the youngest child I always felt behind and according to the standards in my environment, I was. Like what you are reading get up dates in your mail box. Read more...


Going 100 miles an hour, too busy to cook?

IMG_0276I believe in synchronicity it is always showing me what is next. Earlier today I was listening to the founder of Omega Institute speak about the "time poverty" we are all experiencing.  Too busy to cook, too busy to sit down and eat, too busy to sleep, over committed, exhausted, but too tired to sleep. Not a great picture. Then about an hour later I was speaking with Elissa at Fresh Picks and she was saying some of the biggest issues people have with buying produce is that they end up throwing it away, "so why buy it", then it seems to me the thinking leads to...fast food to the rescue!

I like this concept of "time poverty", it speaks to the larger concern. Read more...


Roasted Root Vegetables from Dr. Weil's Site

Roasted Root Vegetables from Dr. Weil's Site

I have made these so many times I feel like they are mine but they are not. I use whatever I have on hand and it always turns out great! I love, love eating these, let me know what you think and Dr. Weil too!
Root vegetables (with the exception of potatoes and carrots) are some of the most overlooked and underappreciated foodstuffs around. But these nutritional storehouses are hidden treasures worthy of your notice. Not only are they available in winter when other vegetables are hard to find, but they are also very inexpensive. Experiment with turnips, rutabagas, beets and parsnips, and learn what they have to offer in taste and versatility. Rutabaga (also known as swede) is an accidental vegetable - the result of a chance hybridization of turnips and cabbage. Like carrots, they're low in sodium and high in vitamin C. The flavor of all root vegetables will be enhanced by selecting fresh, firm produce (preferably organically grown) and storing it carefully. Turnips and potatoes should be stored in a cool, dark place out of the refrigerator. The rest of these roots will keep well in the refrigerator for at least a week. Read more...

Food + Relationships

IMG_1854     Does your eating or weight concerns effect your relationships? One week ago a relationship expert contacted me regarding the work I am doing and I began thinking of the correlation between food & relationships,  and the connection in my life.

When I was overly invested in my need to change my body, lose weight, control my food I was also struggling in relationships. Read more...


Comfort Foods?

If you are in Chicago you are well aware of the bitter cold, the snow, more snow, and then more again... Freezing pipes, frozen locks, slipping on ice, chairs on the street, rocking your car...Taking walks, going to the beach and swimming, bike riding, running outside... fill in the blank are for, it will be nice when! We now are in the let's hang on the couch, netflix, and COMFORT FOODS!



Does Forgiveness Hold Anything For You?

IMG_1746The art of forgiveness is a spiritual practice ~ many spiritual truths teach it holds the key to happiness. I have been exploring how to bring more of it into my life. I find when I am exploring a topic it begins to show up in multiple ways in my life. Have you noticed how that is? For example, if you are looking to purchase a specific vehicle you keep seeing it every where you go? Or if a situation happens to you and you begin to talk about it, you find others have experienced it too. Suddenly, it becomes available to examine. Forgiveness is for the big things but also for the daily small things. Read more...


Obstacles to Change

IMG_0235I was thinking about Ganesh, the first time I was given a Ganesha I was doing yoga in Vermont at this lovely artisans home, her gift to me was a print of Ganesha, then when I was working on romance in my life Ganesh came to me as the vehicle that could be a reminder of removing what stood in my way.  Then another time I was generously gifted a wooden Ganesh from my clients travels in India, it sits in my car, a daily reminder, if I think I can rush and get somewhere, then really I may want to think again... I seem to know something about obstacles, the universe generously, patiently,  reminds me there are ways out of them. Ganesh is considered the god of wisdom and learning, as well as the remover of obstacles, and consequently the sign of auspiciousness. Wooden Ganesh given

In working with clients I am always aware that success for them is dependent on how willing they are to give up or move beyond their obstacles. Read more...