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Using food/alcohol to manage your stress?


Do you find you’re quickly pulled away “grabbing” whatever’s in front of you to manage your feelings?

Having an immediate brain to action experience? What if you could pause before you ate?

There’s a lot of ways to change the thought =⇒ action but one of my favorite go tos is Aromatherapy.

Because, did you know, your sense of smell is directly connected to the limbic part of your brain?

Which means when you smell a particular scent you’ll bypasses your thinking, and go straight to your emotional center.

Great for pausing stress eating (well any stress really).

Essential oils /Aromatherapy can be a great shift to bring you back into the moment.

How to use them:

1) Straight, 1-2 drops on your skin, (dilute if not therapeutic oils) to your body.
2) Diffuse
3) Bathing
4) Inhale a couple of drops in your cupped hand.

Want other great tips for managing stress eating?

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