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I’m so glad you’re here! I’m excited to share with you an entirely different approach to weight loss, weight management and the way you look at you!!
If you answer YES to any of these questions, let’s talk.
You’re ready to stop struggling and give up depriving yourself to have the body and weight loss you want?
You find yourself doing great and inspired for a little while but before you know it your “off the wagon” and are back to your bad habits?
Secretly you hate yourself for choices you’re making because you lack “self control”?
If lately you’ve been thinking, I might as well give up because nothing’s really going to work anyway, don’t want to fail again, so I won’t even try, call me!

Know you’re not alone. I get it, it’s not easy, but I can help you.

I’ve been there and I’m helping others just like you, who also feared they couldn’t change before we started working together.

 “Finally Thin & Healthy Forever”


In Six Months

(Release excess weight, cravings, bloating, and self loathing!)

Get free of the struggle, the roller coaster of weight loss and gain, cravings, bloating, and the self loathing accompanying all the frustration at not being where you want to be.

In six months go from yo-yo dieting, and self sabotage into the joy of being you, living in the body you love!

  • Your 6 month program includes 18 sessions, meeting 3 times a month via phone or skype for 45 minutes, the first session is 60 minutes.
  • The first session is goal setting for your health and your lifestyle to create the life you really want!
  • Education is key, you’ll learn what real foods (not diet) your body needs on a daily basis to have you free of cravings, feeling satisfied, enjoying your food and increasing your energy.
  • Learn emotional tools to release the patterns keeping you stuck. (I’m a Certified Emotional Freedom Technique Coach.)
  •  You’ll receive a grocery list, to buy the food you need to get you the results you want.
  • You’re program includes a variety of  simple recipes to prepare in 15 minutes or less, easily incorporated into your life no matter how busy you are.
  • You’re program will give you access to my happy living guide for meditation, self care practices and much more.
  • Experiencing Emotional Freedom is the key to releasing the long held patterns which have kept you     returning to the food undermining your weight loss goals. In this program expect to release the patterns keeping you stuck!And find the success you haven’t found in other ” weight loss programs”.
  • Bonus: Email support every week.
  • Bonus: Get My 30 days to Food Freedom Ebook!
  • Bonus: A downloadable meditation for daily peace!

One time payment of $5982


5 payments of $1316 equally $6582

Three Month Jump-start Program

You know what to do, but you’re feeling stuck to do it. On your own you’re sabotaging yourself. You need to manage stress and emotional eating, to make better meal choices, and help handling day to day challenges without using food. You’re not ready to plunge into 6 months.

Includes: 3 – 45 minute weekly skype calls each month.

  • You’ll learn simple recipes to prepare, which are yummy and not about a diet.  Can do them no matter how busy you are.
  • Learn foods to help break your cravings for sugar and carbs.
  • You’ll move through the emotional blocks standing in the way of your achieving your goals.
  • Self care practices, to increase your compassion and ability to prioritize you.
  • Receive on going email support in between sessions.

One time payment of $2997


Two payments of $1647 total amount paid is $3294

Schedule a 30 minute

“Finally Thin Forever Breakthrough” call

Find out how to change your live forever!

woman running and being happy

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